William Manchee
Stan Turner, beginning in law school at UCLA, then in the Marine Corps, later as a lawyer, starting in late 1970s Dallas, Texas:

Undaunted (1997)

Brash Endeavor (1998)

Second Chair (2000)

Cash Call (2003)

Deadly Distractions (2004)

Black Monday (2005)

Cactus Island (2006)

Act Normal (2007)

Disillusioned (2010)

Deadly Defiance (2010)

Richard Coleman, a lawyer in late 1970s Dallas, Texas:

Death Pact (1999)

Plastic Gods (2003)


Twice Tempted (1997)

Trouble in Trinidad (2001)

Uncommon Thief (2011)

Science fiction, the Tarizon trilogy:

Tarizon: The Liberator (2008)

Tarizon: Civil War (2009)

Tarizon: Conquest Earth (2010)