Richard Marcinko
Rogue Warrior, a fictional version of Dick Marcinko, ex-SEAL commander and his team of commandos and operatives struggling with terrorists and bad guys around the world:

Written with John Weisman

Rogue Warrior II Red Cell (1994)

Green Team (1995)

Task Force Blue (1996)

Designation Gold (1997)

Seal Force Alpha (1998)

Option Delta (1999)

Echo Platoon (2000)

Detachment Bravo (2001)

Violence of Action (2002) [no co-author]

Written with Jim DeFelice

Vengeance (2005)

Holy Terror (2006)

Dictator’s Ransom (2008)

Seize the Day (2009)

Domino Theory (2011)

Blood Lies (2012)

Rogue Warrior: Curse of the Infidel (2014)

Rogue Warrior (1992)
[written with John Weisman]

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