Harold Q. Masur
Scott Jordan, a brash young lawyer in New York City:

Bury Me Deep (1947)

Suddenly a Corpse (1949)

You Can’t Live Forever (1951)

So Rich, So Lovely, and So Dead (1952)
APA: The Cool Corpse (1959)

The Big Money (1954)

Tall, Dark, and Deadly (1956)

The Last Gamble (1958)
APA: The Last Breath (1958)
APA: Murder on Broadway (1959)

Send Another Hearse (1960)

The Name Is Jordan (1962) [SS]

Make a Killing (1964)

The Legacy Lenders (1967)

The Mourning After (1981)


The Attorney (1973)

The Broker (1981)

Gryphon Double Novel #10 (1996) [SS]

Ghost-written for singer Helen Traubel:

The Metropolitan Opera Murders (1951)