Peter May
Li Yan, a Chinese detective, and Margaret Campbell, an American pathologist, in Beijing, China:

The Firemaker (1999)

The Fourth Sacrifice (2000)

The Killing Room (2000)

Snakehead (2002)

The Runner (2003)

Chinese Whispers (2004)

Enzo Macleod, a Scottish biologist teaching at Cahors in southwest France, who bet that he could use his expertise to crack seven notorious murders described in a book on cold cases by Parisian journalist Roger Raffin:

Extraordinary People (2006)
APA: Dry Bones (2010)

The Critic (2007)
APA: A Vintage Corpse (2011)

Blacklight Blue (2008)

Freeze Frame (2010)

Blowback (2011)

Cast Iron (2017)

Fin Macleod, a detective inspector in Edinburgh, returns to his birthplace, the Isle of Lewis, in the Outer Hebrides of Scotland, in the Lewis trilogy:

The Blackhouse (2011) [review]
2013 Barry Award for Best Novel
Finalist 2013 Macavity Award for Best Mystery
Finalist 2020 Barry Award for Best Mystery/Crime Novel of the Decade

The Lewis Man (2012)
Finalist 2015 Macavity Award for Best Mystery

The Chessmen (2013)


The Reporter (1978)

Fallen Hero (1979)
[Novelization of TV series]

Hidden Faces (1981)
APA: The Man With No Face (1981)

The Noble Path (1992)

Virtually Dead (2010)

Entry Island (2013)

Entry Island (2014)

Runaway (2016)

Coffin Road (2016)

I’ll Keep You Safe (2018)

A Silent Death (2020)

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