Susan McBride
Andrea “Andy” Kendricks, a 30-something webmaster who escaped her formal debut for art school in Chicago, returns to Dallas, Texas, in the Debutante Dropout mysteries:

Blue Blood (2004) [review]
2005 Lefty Award
Finalist 2005 Anthony Award for Best Paperback

The Good Girl’s Guide to Murder (2005)
Finalist 2006 Anthony Award for Best Paperback

The Lone Star Lonely Hearts Club (2006)

The Night of the Living Deb (2007)

Too Pretty To Die (2008)

Say Yes to the Death (2015)

Detective Maggie Ryan, a former member of the Dallas P.D. who recently left the big city for the suburban enclave of Litchfield, Texas:

And Then She Was Gone (2000)

Overkill (2001)

Helen Evans, a 70-something amateur sleuth in River Bend, Illinois, in the River Bend mysteries:

To Helen Back (2014)

Mad as Helen (2014)

Not a Chance in Helen (2014)

Come Helen High Water (2017)

Jo Larsen, a police detective in Plainfield, Texas:

Walk into Silence (2016)

Walk a Crooked Line (2018)


Very Bad Things (2014) [YA]


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