Andy McDermott
Nina Wilde, an archeologist, and Eddie Chase, an ex-SAS agent serving as bodyguard, in a global apocalyptic thriller series:

The Hunt for Atlantis (2007)

The Tomb of Hercules (2008)

The Secret of Excalibur (2008)

The Covenant of Genesis (2009)

The Cult of Osiris (2009)
APA: The Pyramid of Doom (2010)

The Sacred Vault (2010)
APA: The Vault of Shiva (2010)

Empire of Gold (2011)

Temple of the Gods (2011)
APA: Return to Atlantis (2011)

The Valhalla Prophecy (2014)

Kingdom of Darkness (2014)

The Revelation Code (2015)

The Midas Legacy (2016)

King Solomon’s Curse (2017)

The Spear of Atlantis (2018)

Non-series thrillers:

The Persona Protocol (2013)
APA: The Shadow Protocol (2014)


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