Sophie McKenzie
Non-series psycholgical thrillers:

Close My Eyes (2013)

Trust in Me (2014)
APA: You Can Trust Me (2015)

Here We Lie (UK due September 10, 2015)

The Girl, Missing YA thriller series:

Girl, Missing (2006)

Sister, Missing (2011)

Missing Me (2012)

The Blood YA scientific thriller series:

Blood Ties (2008)

Blood Ransom (2010)

The Medusa Project YA fantasy thriller series:

The Set-Up (2009)

The Hostage (2010)

The Rescue (2010)

Hunted (2011)

Double Cross (2011)

Hit Squad (2012)

The Split Second YA thriller series:

Split Second (2013)

Every Second Counts (2014)

Non-series YA adventure-thrillers:

The Fix (2009)

Train Time to the Blitz (2010)

In a Split Second (2015)

All My Secrets (2015)