Marilyn Meredith
Tempe Crabtree, a woman deputy torn between her Native American (Yanduchi) traditions and her loyalty to Hutch, her minister husband, in Bear Creek, California:

Deadly Trail (2001) [prequel]

Deadly Omen (1999)

Unequally Yoked (2000)

Intervention (2002)

Wingbeat (2004)

Calling the Dead (2006)

Judgment Fire (2007)

Kindred Spirits (2008)

Dispel the Mist (2009)

Invisible Path (2010)

Bears With Us (2011)

Raging Water (2012)


The Astral Gift (1998)

Guilt by Association (2002)

The Choice (2001)

Wishing Makes It So (2006)

Written as F.M. Meredith
Doug Milligan, and other members of the police department, in the fictional beach community of Rocky Bluff, California:

Final Respects (2001)

Bad Tidings (2004)

Fringe Benefits (2007)

Smell of Death (2007)

No Sanctuary (2009)

An Axe To Grind (2010)

Angel Lost (2011)

No Bells (2012)

Dangerous Impulses (2012)

Murder in the Worst Degree (2014)

Violent Departures (2015)