Gwen Moffat
Miss Pink (Melinda Pink), a middle aged magistrate and mountaineer who solves mysteries at various mountainous locations:

Lady with a Cool Eye (1973)

Miss Pink at the Edge of the World (1975)

Over the Sea to Death (1976)

A Short Time To Live (1976)

Persons Unknown (1978)

Die Like a Dog (1982)

Last Chance Country (1983)

Grizzly Trail (1984)

Snare (1987)

The Stone Hawk (1989)

Rage (1990)

The Raptor Zone (1990)

Veronica’s Sisters (1992)

The Lost Girls (1998)

Private Sins (1999)

Retribution (2002)

Jack Pharaoh, recently discharged from RAF Mountain Rescue after an injury, in the Lake District of England:

Pit Bull (1991)

The Outside Edge (1993)


Deviant Death (1973)

The Corpse Road (1974)

Cue the Battered Wife (1994)

A Wreath of Dead Moths (1998)

Running Dogs (1999)

Quicksand (2001)

Man Trap (2003)

Dying for Love (2005)

Gone Feral (2007)

Other fiction:

Hard Option (1975)

The Buckskin Girl: A Novel of the California Trail in the Mid Nineteenth Century (1982)

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