Robin Moore
Robert Lowell Moore, Jr.

Court-Martial (1971)
[written with Henry Rothblatt]

The Khaki Mafia (1971)
[written with June Collins]

The Fifth Estate (1973)

The Family Man1 (1974)

The London Switch2 (1974)
APA: The London Connection (1979)

Phase of Darkness2 (1974)

French Connection II1 (1975) [movie tie-in]

The Italian Connection2 (1975)

The Set-Up1 (1975)
Finalist 1976 Edgar Award for Best Paperback

The Chinese Ultimatum (1976)
[written with Edward McGhee]

Dubai (1976)

The Kaufman Snatch3 (1976)

The Red Falcons2 (1976)

The Terminal Connection (1976)

The Bankers (1977)

The Establishment (1977)
[written with Harold Shumate]

Our Missile’s Missing3 (1977)

The Pearl Harbor Cover-Up (1977)
[written with Frank A. Schuler]

The Trinity Implosion (1978)
[written with Lewis Perdue]

The Big Paddle (1978)
[written with Sidney Levine]
APA: Fast Shuffle (1981)

The Black Sea Caper (1978)
[written with Hugh McDonald]
APA: The Black Sea Connection (1981)

Caribbean Caper (1978)

The Death Disciple (1978)
[written with Gerald G. Griffin]

Death Never Forgets (1978)

Diamond Spitfire (1978)
[written with James Frew]

Diamonds and Blood (1978)

The Edge of the Pond (1978)
[written with Ronald Van Duren]

The Narrow Road (1978)
[written with F.L. Kafka]

Only the Hyenas Laughed (1978)
[written with Neville H. Romain]

Search and Destroy (1978)

The Trinity Implosion (1978)
[written with Lewis Perdue]

The Cobra Team (1979)
[written with Edward E. Mayer]

The Gold Connection (1979)
[written with Julian Askin]

Force Nine (1986)

The Moscow Connection (1994)

The Sparrowhook Curse (1996)

React : CIA Black Ops (2004)
[written with Chuck Lightfoot]

The Singleton: Target Cuba (2004)
[written with Jeff Lambert]

True-crime, non-fiction:

The Devil To Pay (1966)
[written with Jack Youngblood]

The French Connection (1970)

The Set Up: The Shocking Aftermath to the French Connection1 (1975)
APA: The New York Connection (1979)

Mafia Wife (1977)
[written with Barbara Fuca]

Diamonds and Blood: The Bizarre Story Behind the World Diamond Killings (1978)

L.B.J. and the J.F.K. Conspiracy (1978)
[written with Hugh McDonald]

Task Force Dagger: The Hunt for Bin Laden (2003)
[written with J.K. Idema and Chris Thompson]

Hunting Down Saddam (2004)


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