Ian Morson
William Falconer, a 13th century university regent master in Oxford, England:

Falconer’s Crusade (1994)

Falconer’s Judgement (1995)

Falconer and the Face of God (1996)

A Psalm for Falconer (1997)

Falconer and the Great Beast (1998)
Finalist 1999 Historical Dagger Award

The Labyrinthine Mystery1 (2005) [novella]

Falconer and the Ritual of Death (2009)

Falconer’s Trial (2010)

Falconer and the Death of Kings (2010)

Falconer and the Rain of Blood (2013)

Niccolò Zuliani, a Venetian businessman turned bodyguard at the court of Kubilai Khan in 1262:
City of the Dead (2008)

A Deadly Injustice (2011)


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