Lillian O’Donnell
Lillian Udvardy O'Donnell
Norah Mulcahaney, a homicide detective in New York City:

The Phone Calls (1972)

Don’t Wear Your Wedding Ring (1973)

Dial 577 R-A-P-E (1974)

The Baby Merchants (1975)

Leisure Dying (1976)

No Business Being a Cop (1979)

The Children’s Zoo (1981)

Cop Without a Shield (1983)

Ladykiller (1984)

Casual Affairs (1985)

The Other Side of the Door (1987)

A Good Night To Kill (1989)

A Private Crime (1991)

Pushover (1992)

Lockout (1994)

Blue Death (1998)

Mici Anhalt, Crime Victims’ Compensation Board in New York City:

Aftershock (1977)

Falling Star (1979)

Wicked Designs (1980)

Gwenn Ramadge, a private investigator in New York City:

A Wreath for the Bride (1990)

Used To Kill (1993)

The Raggedy Man (1995)

The Goddess Affair (1997)


Death on the Grass (1960)

Death Blanks the Screen (1961)

Death Schuss (1963)

Murder Under the Sun (1964)
APA: Terror Under the Sun (1973)

Death of a Player (1964)

Babes in the Woods (1965)

The Sleeping Beauty Murders (1967)

The Face of the Crime (1968)

The Tachi Tree (1968)

Dive into Darkness (1971)