Lenore Glen Offord
Bill and Coco Hastings, in the antique business in San Francisco, California:

Murder on Russian Hill (1938)
APA: Murder Before Breakfast (1938)

Clues To Burn (1942)

Todd McKinnon, a mystery writer and amateur sleuth, and his wife Georgine Wyeth, based in Berkeley and the San Francisco Bay Area, California:

Skeleton Key (1943)

The Glass Mask (1944)

The Smiling Tiger (1949)

Walking Shadow (1959)

Non-series set in San Francisco Bay Area, California:

The 9 Dark Hours (1941)

My True Love Lies (1947)
APA: And Turned to Clay (1950)

The Girl in the Belfrey (1957)
[written with Joseph Henry Jackson]

Other fiction:

Cloth of Silver (1939)

Angels Unaware (1940)
APA: Distinguished Visitors (1942)

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