Marc Olden
Robert Sand, the Black Samurai, trained for seven years by a Japanese samurai master, fighting to save the world from sinister threats:

Black Samurai (1974)

The Golden Kill (1974)

Killer Warrior (1974)

The Deadly Pearl (1974)

The Inquisition (1974)

The Warlock (1975)

Sword of Allah (1975)

The Katana (1975)

Hawthorne Albert Harker, an investigative reporter:

The Harker File (1976)

Dead and Paid For (1976)

They’ve Killed Anna (1977)
Finalist 1978 Edgar Award for Best Paperback

Kill the Reporter (1978)

Manny Decker, a detective sergeant with martial arts skills, in New York City:

Giri (1982)

Kisaeng (1991)

Frank DiPalma martial arts thrillers:

Dai-Sho (1983)

Te (1989)
APA: Sword of Vengeance (1990)

Simon Bendor, a master thief doing battle with the Yakuza, in Japan and elsewhere:

Gaijin (1986)

Krait (1992)


Wellington’s (1977)

The Informant (1978)

Poe Must Die (1978)

Gossip (1979)

Book of Shadows (1980)

A Dangerous Glamour (1982)

Oni (1987)

The Exchange Students (1995)
APA: Fear’s Justice (1996)

The Ghost (1998)

Written as Robert Hawkes
John Bolt:

Narc (1973)

Death of a Courier (1974)

Death List (1974)

The Delgado Killings (1974)

Kill the Dragon (1974)

The Beauty Kill (1975)

Corsican Death (1975)

Death Song (1975)

Kill for It (1975)