Frank Packard
Frank Lucius Packard
Jimmie Dale, a wealthy dilettante and safecracker by night as the Robin-Hoodish Gray Seal, in New York City:

The Adventures of Jimmie Dale1 (1917)

The Further Adventures of Jimmie Dale (1919)

Jimmie Dale and the Phantom Clue (1922)

Jimmie Dale and the Blue Envelope Murder (1930)

Jimmie Dale and the Missing Hour (1935)


The Miracle Man (1914)

The Sin That Was His (1917)

The Wire Devils (1918) [SS]

From Now On (1919)

The White Moll (1920)

Pawned (1921)

Doors of the Night (1922)

The Four Stragglers (1923)

The Locked Book (1924)

Broken Waters (1925)

The Red Ledger (1926) [SS]

The Devil’s Mantle (1927)

Two Stolen Idols (1927)
APA: The Slave Junk (1927)

Shanghai Jim (1928) [SS]

Tiger Claws (1928)

The Big Shot (1929)

The Gold Skull Murders (1931)

The Hidden Door (1933)

The Purple Ball (1933)

The Dragon’s Jaws (1937)

More Knaves Than One (1938) [SS]

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