Emma Page
Honoria O’Mahony Tirbutt
Kelsey [no first name], a detective inspector, later chief inspector, and detective Lambert, in a village somewhere in England:

Missing Woman (1980)

Every Second Thursday (1981)

Last Walk Home (1982)

Cold Light of Day (1983)

Scent of Death (1985)

Final Moments (1987)

A Violent End (1988)

Deadlock (1991)

Mortal Remains (1992)

In the Event of My Death (1994)

Murder Comes Calling (1995)

Hard Evidence (1996)

Intent To Kill (1998)

Say It with Murder (2000)


In Loving Memory (1970)

Family and Friends (1972)

A Fortnight by the Sea (1973)
APA: Add a Pinch of Cyanide (1973)

Element of Chance (1975)