Lauran Paine
Non-series crime fiction:

The Black Light (1968) [written as Troy Howard]

Murder Now, Pay Later (1969) [written as Frank Bosworth]

Death Was the Echo (2000) [also written as Richard Dana (1975)]

Written as John Armour

Death of a Doctor (1969)

Run with the Killer (1969)

A Killer’s Category (1973)

Murder in Hawthorn (1975)

The Saturday Night Massacre (1976)

Written as Reg Batchelor

Blue Seas & Yellow Sun (1967)

The Time of Assassins (1969)

Inspector Cole (1970)

The Murder Game (1970)

Murderer’s Row (1970)

The Twilight People (1970)

A Legacy of Shadows (1972)

The Triangle Murder (1973)

Achilles’ Isle (1974)

Written as Kenneth Bedford

The Mathematics of Murder (1969)

The Merchant of Menace (1969)

Written as Mark Carrel

Case of the Hollow Man (1958)

Case of the Innocent Witness (1959)

The Case of the Perfect Alibi (1960)

Carry a Gun (1961)

The Blood Pit (1967)

The Dark Edge of Violence (1967)

Shadow of a Hawk (1967)

A Sword of Silk (1967)

Tears of Blood (1967)

The Steel Mask (1968)

Kill and Be Damned (1970)

The Emerald Heart (1971)

Counsel for the Killer (1972)

One Last Time (1973)

Murder Without Motive (1974)

Assignment for Trouble (1974)

The Octopus’ Shadow (1974)

The Underground Men (1975)

The Sinister Horde (n.d.)

Written as Robert Clarke

The Case of the Gambler’s Corpse (1969)

Murderers Are Silent (1969)

Death of a Flower Child (1970)

The Thirteenth Lover (1970)

A Synonym for Murder (1972)

Written as Richard Dana

Death of a Millionaire (1969)

Murder in Paradise (1969)

Murderer’s Moon (1969)

Death Was the Echo (1975)

Written as J.F. Drexler

The Anonymous Assassin (1968)

The Fire Ant (1975)

The Unsuspecting Victim (1976)

Written as Jared Ingersol

The Night of the Crisis (1968)

A Game Called Murder (1969)

A Rose Can Kill (1969)

The Beautiful Murder (1970)

Diamond Fingers (1970)

The Jade Eye (1970)

The Steel Garrotte (1970)

The Killer’s Conscience (1971)

The Man Who Stole Heaven (1971)

The Money Murder (1971)

The Man Who Made Roubles (1972)

The Non-Murder (1972)

The Golden Gloves (1973)

A Fine Day for Murder (1974)

The Witchcraft Murder (1975)

Written as John Kilgore

Some Die Young (1970)

Murder to Music (1972)

Written as Hunter Liggett

Murder for Money (1969)

The Murder Maze (1969)

The Victim Died Twice (1969)

The Unknown Murderer (1975)

Written as J.K. Lucas

Haight Is the Killer (1969)

The Born Survivor (1975)

Written as John Morgan

Death to Comrade X (1969)

Murderers Don’t Smile (1969)

Spy in the Tunnel (1969)

To Kill a Hero (1969)

The Nicest Corpse (1970)

The Perfect Frame (1970)

The Midnight Murder (1971)

The Killer’s Manual (1972)

The Ivory Penguin (1974)

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