Stuart Palmer
Charles Stuart Palmer
Hildegarde Withers, a schoolma’am in New York, later retired to Los Angeles, California:

The Penguin Pool Murder (1931)

Murder on the Blackboard (1931)

Murder on Wheels (1932)

The Puzzle of the Pepper Tree (1933)

The Puzzle of the Silver Persian (1934)

The Puzzle of the Red Stallion (1936)
APA: The Puzzle of the Briar Pipe (1936)

The Puzzle of the Blue Banderilla (1937)

The Puzzle of the Happy Hooligan (1941)

The Riddles of Hildegarde Withers (1947) [SS]

Miss Withers Regrets (1947)

Four Lost Ladies (1949)

The Monkey Murder and Other Hildegarde Withers Stories (1950) [SS]

The Green Ace (1950)
APA: At One Fell Swoop (1951)

Nipped in the Bud (1951)
APA: Trap for a Redhead (1955)

Cold Poison (1954)
APA: Exit Laughing (1954)

People vs. Withers and Malone1 (1963) [SS]

Hildegarde Withers Makes the Scene2 (1969)

Hildegarde Withers: Uncollected Riddles (2002) [SS 1933-35]

Howard Rook, a middle-aged reporter:

Unhappy Hooligan (1956)
APA: Death in Grease Paint (1956)

Rook Takes Knight (1968)


Ace of Jades (1931)

Omit Flowers (1937)
APA: No Flowers by Request (1937)

Before It’s Too Late3 (1951)

The Adventure of the Marked Man and One Other (1973) [SS]

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