Barbara Paul
Enrico Caruso, an Italian tenor in New York City:

A Cadenza for Caruso (1984)

Prima Donna at Large (1985)

A Chorus of Detectives (1987)

Marian Larch, a police officer in New York City:

The Renewable Virgin (1984)

He Huffed and He Puffed (1989)

Good King Sauerkraut (1989)
APA: King of Misrule (1990)

You Have the Right to Remain Silent (1992)

The Apostrophe Thief (1993)

Fare Play (1995)

Full Frontal Murder (1997)

Non-series books:

The Fourth Wall (1979)

Liars and Tyrants and People Who Turn Blue (1980)

First Gravedigger (1980)

Your Eyelids Are Growing Heavy (1981)

Kill Fee (1985)

But He Was Already Dead When I Got There (1986)

In-laws and Outlaws (1990)
APA: Death Elsewhere (1991)

Jack be Quick and Other Crime Stories [SS] (1999)

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