Elliot Paul
Elliot Harold Paul
Homer Evans, an American dilettante surrounded by zany characters, mostly in Paris, France:

The Mysterious Mickey Finn; or, Murder at the Cafe du Dome (1939)

Hugger-Mugger in the Louvre (1940)

Mayhem in B-Flat (1940)

Fracas in the Foothills (1940)

I’ll Hate Myself in the Morning, and Summer in December (1945) [novellas]

Murder on the Left Bank (1951)

The Black Gardenia (1952)

Waylaid in Boston (1953)

The Black and the Red (1956)

Non-series written as Brett Rutledge:

The Death of Lord Haw Haw (1940)

Other fiction:

Indelible: A Story of Life, Love, and Music in Five Movements (1922)

Impromptu: A Novel in Four Movements (1923)

Imperturbe: A Novel of Peace Without Victory (1924)

Low Run Tide and Lava Rock (1929)

The Governor of Massachusetts (1930)

The Amazon (1930)

Concert Pitch (1938)

The Stars and Stripes Forever (1939)

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