W.R. Philbrick
William Rodman Philbrick
J.D. Hawkins, a wheelchair-bound mystery writer, in Boston, Massachusetts:

Shadow Kills (1985)
APA: Slow Grave (1986)

Ice for the Eskimo (1987)

Paint It Black (1989)

Walk on the Water (1991)

T.D. Stash, an unlicensed private investigator, in Florida:

The Neon Flamingo (1987)

The Crystal Blue Persuasion (1988)
Finalist 1989 Shamus Award for Best Paperback

Tough Enough (1989)
Finalist 1990 Shamus Award for Best Paperback


Slow Dancer (1984)

Brothers and Sinners (1993)

Dark Matter (2000)
[written as Rodman Philbrick]

Written as William R. Dantz

Pulse (1990)

The Seventh Sleeper (1991)

Hunger (1992)

Nine Levels Down (1995)

Written as Chris Jordan
Randall Shane, an ex-FBI agent and expert in child abductions:

Taken (2006)

Trapped (2007)
APA: Lost (2008)

Torn (2009)

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