Melville Davisson Post
Randolph Mason, an unscrupulous criminal lawyer, in New York City:

The Strange Schemes of Randolph Mason (1896) [SS]
APA: Randolph Mason: The Strange Schemes (1922) [SS]

The Man of Last Resort; or, The Clients of Randolph Mason (1897) [SS]
APA: Randolph Mason: The Clients (1923) [SS]

The Corrector of Destinies (1908) [SS]
APA: Randolph Mason, Corrector of Destinies (1923) [SS]

Uncle Abner, handing out Old Testament justice in mid-19th century western Virginia (which became West Virginia):

Uncle Abner, Master of Mysteries (1918) [SS]

The Methods of Uncle Abner (1974) [SS]

Sir Henry Marquis, chief of the Criminal Investigation Department of Scotland Yard, in London, England:

The Sleuth of St. James’s Square (1920) [SS]

The Bradmoor Murder (1929) [SS]
APA: The Garden in Asia (1929) [SS]

Other short story collections:

The Nameless Thing (1912) [SS]

The Mystery at the Blue Villa (1919) [SS]

Monsieur Jonquelle, Prefect of Police (1923) [SS]

Walker of the Secret Service (1924) [SS]

The Silent Witness (1930) [SS]

Non-fiction (crime investigation):

The Man Hunters (1926)

Other fiction:

Dwellers in the Hills (1901)

The Gilded Chair (1910)

The Mountain School-Teacher (1922)

The Revolt of the Birds (1927)

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