Talmage Powell
Oval Talmage Powell
Ed Rivers, a private investigator in Tampa, Florida:

The Killer Is Mine (1959)

The Girl’s Number Doesn’t Answer (1960)

With a Madman Behind Me (1962)

Start Screaming Murder (1962)

Corpus Delectable (1964)

Mission Impossible books:

Mission: Impossible — The Priceless Particle (1969)

Mission: Impossible — The Money Explosion (1970)

Non-series books:

The Smasher (1959)

Man Killer (1960)

The Girl Who Killed Things (1960)

The Girl from Big Pine (1961)

The Cage (1969)

The Thing in B-3 (1969)

Written for Hitchcock: Twenty-Five Twisted Tales of Revenge and Intrigue [SS] (1989)

Written as Jack McCready

The Raper (1962)

Written as Anne Talmage

Dark over Acadia (1971)

Written as Ellery Queen
Non-series books:

Murder with a Past (1963)

Beware the Young Stranger (1965)

Written as Ellery Queen
Tim Corrigan, a one-eyed cop in New York City:

Where Is Bianca? (1966)

Who Spies, Who Kills? (1966)

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