Michael Prescott
Douglas Child Borton, Jr.
Abby Sinclair, a freelance security consultant who hunts stalkers, and Tess McCallum, an FBI special agent, in Los Angeles, California:

The Shadow Hunter1 (2000)

Next Victim2 (2002)

Dangerous Games (2005)

Mortal Faults (2006)
Finalist 2007 Thriller Award for Best Paperback

Final Sins (2007)


Comes the Dark (1999)

Stealing Faces (1999)

Last Breath (2001)

In Dark Places (2004)

Grave of Angels (2012)

Written as Douglas Borton (real name):

Deathsong (1989)

Kane (1990)

Written as Brian Harper (Author Website)

Shiver (1992)

Shudder (1994)

Deadly Pursuit (1995)

Shatter (1995)

Blind Pursuit (1997)

Mortal Pursuit (1997)