Cherie Priest
Leda Foley, owner of Foley’s Far-Fetched Flights of Fancy travel agency with unreliable psychic abilities, and police detective Grady Merritt in Seattle, Washington, in the Booking Agents series:

Grave Reservations (2021) [review]

Flight Risk (2022)

Other fiction:

The Eden Moore urban fantasy trilogy:

Four and Twenty Blackbirds (2003)

Wings to the Kingdom (2006)

Not Flesh Nor Feathers (2007)

The Clockwork Century steampunk series:

Boneshaker (2009)

Clementine (2010)

Dreadnought (2010)

Ganymede (2011)

The Inexplicables (2012)

Fiddlehead (2013)

Jacaranda (2014)

The Cheshire Red Reports urban fantasy duo:

Bloodshot (2011)

Hellbent (2011)

The Borden Dispatches horror duo:

Maplecroft (2014)

Chapelwood (2015)

Other fiction, urban fantasy, horror:

Dreadful Skin (2007)

Fathom (2008)

Those Who Went Remain There Still (2008)

I Am Princess X (2015) [YA]

The Family Plot (2016)

Brimstone (2017)

The Agony House (2018) [YA]

The Toll (2019)

Holy Terror (2022) [SS]

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