Mark Pryor
Hugo Marston, head of security at the US embassy in Paris, France, later London, England:

The Bookseller (2012) [review]

The Crypt Thief (2013)

The Blood Promise (2014)

The Button Man (2014)

The Reluctant Matador (2015)

The Paris Librarian (2016)

The Sorbonne Affair (2017)

The Book Artist (2019)

The French Widow (2020)

Dominic, a British expat and psychopath working for the DA’s office, in Austin, Texas:

Hollow Man (2015) [review]

Dominic (2018)

Inspector Henri Lefort, beginning in 1940 Paris, France:

Die Around Sundown (2022)

True crime:

As She Lay Sleeping: A Shadowy Figure, a Brutal Murder, an Anonymous Tip, Will Justice Prevail? (2013)


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