Edwin Radford

Murder Isn’t Cricket (1946)

Who Killed Dick Whittington? (1947)

It's Murder to Live (1947)

John Kyleing Died (1949)

Death Has Two Faces (1972)

Written with Mona Augusta Radford

The Heel of Achilles (1950)

Look in at Murder John Long (1956)

Death on the Broads (1957)

The Six Men (1958)

Married to Murder (1959)

Death of a Frightened Editor (1959)

Murder on My Conscience (1960)

Death at the Chateau Noir (1960)

Death and the Professor (1961)

Death’s Inheritance (1961)

Death Takes the Wheel (1962)

From Information Received (1962)

Murder of Three Ghosts (1963)

A Cosy Little Murder (1963)

The Hungry Killer (1964)

Jones's Little Murder (1967)

The Middleford Murders (1967)

The Safety First Murders (1968)

Death of an Ancient Saxon (1969)

Death of a Peculiar Rabbit (1969)

Two Ways to Murder (1969)

Murder Speaks (1970)

Murder Is Ruby Red (1970)

Written with Mona Augusta Radford
Inspector Manson:

Inspector Manson’s Success (1944)

Murder Jigsaw (1944)

Crime Pays No Dividends (1945)

Written with Mona Augusta Radford
Dr. Manson:

Mask of Murder (1965)

Murder Magnified (1965)

Death of a “Gentleman” (1966)

No Reason for Murder (1967)

Trunk Call to Murder (1968)

Dead Water (1971)

The Greedy Killers (1971)