Frederick Ramsay
Ike Schwartz, a sheriff in the small town, Picketsville, Virginia:

Artscape (2004)

Secrets (2005)

Buffalo Mountain (2007)

Stranger Room (2008)

Choker (2008)

The Eye of the Virgin (2010)

Rogue (2011)

Scone Island (2012)

Drowning Barbie (2014)

The Vulture (2015)

Copper Kettle (2017) [prequel]

Gamaliel, the chief rabbi and head of the Sanhedrin, tangles with Pontius Pilate in the late 20s CE, in the Jerusalem mysteries:

The Eighth Veil (2012)

Holy Smoke (2013)

The Wolf and the Lamb (2014)

Non-series mysteries set in Botswana:

Predators (2009)

Reapers (2010)

Danger Woman (2016)


Impulse (2006)

Other fiction:

Judas: The Gospel of Betrayal (2007, 2010)