Randy Rawls
Arthur Conan (ACE) Edwards, a private investogator in Dallas, Texas:

Jake’s Burn (2001)

Joseph’s Kidnapping (2001)

Jade’s Photos (2003)

Jingle’s Christmas (2005)

Jasmine’s Fate (2007)

Jeb’s Deception (2008)

Beth Bowman, a private investigator in south Florida:

Hot Rocks (2012)

Best Defense (2013)


Saving Dabba (2018)

Linda’s Mom (2019)

Tom Jeffries, ex-Special Forces and ex-Dallas copy, now a private investigator, in Broward County, Florida:

Thorns on Roses (2011)

The Runaway (2014)


Justice Secured (2017)

Jingle and His Magnificent Seven (2017)

Flight from Freedom (2020)

Randy’s Christmas Stories (2020) [SS]

Other fiction:

Down by the River (2014)


Randy’s Boot Camp for Fiction Writers (2018)


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