Christopher Reich
Dr. Jonathan Ransom, a surgeon working in the toughest parts of the world:

Rules of Deception (2008)

Rules of Vengeance (2009)

Rules of Betrayal (2010)

Simon Riske, running an auto garage and working as a freelance industrial spy, in London, England:

The Take (2018)

Crown Jewel (2019)

The Palace (2020)

Mac Dekker, a CIA operative living under an assumed name after being framed for treason years earlier and faking his own death:

Matterhorn (2024)

The Tourists (due May 13, 2025)


Numbered Account (1998)
Finalist 1999 Edgar Award for Best First Novel

The Runner (2000)

The First Billion (2002)

The Devil’s Banker (2003)

The Patriots Club (2005)
2006 Thriller Award for Best Novel

The Prince of Risk (2013)

Invasion of Privacy (2015)

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