Bob Reiss
Robert Scott Reiss

Summer Fires (1980)

The Casco Deception (1983)

Divine Assassin (1985)

Saltmaker (1988)

Flamingo (1989)

The Last Spy (1993)

Purgatory Road (1996)

The Side Effect (2006)

Black Monday (2007)
[writing as R. Scott Reiss]

Written as Ethan Black
Conrad Voort, NYPD's richest detective, in New York City:

The Broken Hearts Club (1999)

Irresistible (2000)

All the Dead Were Strangers (2001)

Dead for Life (2003)

At Hell’s Gate (2004)

Written as James Abel
Joe Rush, a Marine doctor and bioterrorism expert, in the Arctic:

White Plague (2015)

Protocol Zero (2015)

Cold Silence (2016)

Vector (2017)