Mike Ripley
Fitzroy Maclean Angel, a trumpet-playing taxi driver in London, England:

Just Another Angel (1988)
Finalist 1988 Last Laugh Dagger Award

Angel Touch (1989)
1989 Last Laugh Dagger Award

Angel Hunt (1990)

Angels in Arms (1991)
1991 Last Laugh Dagger Award

Angel City (1994)

Angel Confidential (1995)

Family of Angels (1996)

That Angel Look (1998)

Bootlegged Angel (1999)

Lights, Camera, Angel (2001)

Angel Underground (2003)

Angel on the Inside (2003)

Angel in the House (2005)

Angel’s Share (2006)

Angels Unaware (2008)

Albert Campion and his son Rupert, continuation of the Margery Allingham series:

Margery Allingham’s Mr Campion's Farewell: The Return of Albert Campion (2014)
[completed by Mike Ripley]

Mr. Campion’s Fox (2015) [review]

Mr. Campion’s Fault (2016)

Mr. Campion’s Abdication (2017)

Mr. Campion’s War (2018)

Mr. Campion’s Visit (2019)

Mr. Campion’s Séance (2020)


Double Take (2002)

Boudica and the Lost Roman (2005)

The Legend of Hereward: A Novel of Norman England, 1063-1071 AD (2007)

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