John Rossiter
Roger Tallis, an British secret agent with a police background:

The Murder Makers (1970)

The Deadly Green (1970)

A Rope for General Dietz (1972)

The Golden Virgin (1975)
APA: The Deadly Gold (1975)


The Victims (1971)

The Manipulators (1973)

The Villains (1974)

Other fiction:

The Man Who Came Back (1978)

Dark Flight (1981)

Written as Jonathan Ross
George Rogers, an experienced detective inspector, later superintendent, with no special talents, in fictitious northern Abbotsburn, England:

The Blood Running Cold (1968)

Diminished by Death (1968)

Death at First Hand (1969)

The Deadest Thing You Ever Saw (1969)

Here Lies Nancy Frail (1972)

The Burning of Billy Toober (1974)

I Know What It’s Like To Die (1976)

A Rattling of Old Bones (1979)

Dark Blue and Dangerous (1981)

Death’s Head (1982)

Dead Eye (1983)

Dropped Dead (1984)

Burial Deferred (1985)

Fate Accomplished (1987)

Sudden Departures (1988)

A Time for Dying (1989)

Daphne Dead and Done for (1990)

Murder Be Hanged (1992)

The Body of a Woman (1994)
APA: None the Worse for a Hanging (1995)

Murder! Murder! Burning Bright (1996)

This Too, Too Sullied Flesh (1997)

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