Pauline Rowson
Andy Horton, a detective inspector, and his sidekick sergeant Barney Cantelli, in Portsmouth, England, in the Marine mysteries:

Tide of Death (2006)

Deadly Waters (2007)

The Suffocating Sea (2008)

Dead Man’s Wharf (2009)

Blood on the Sand (2010)

Footsteps on the Shore (2011)

A Killing Coast (2012)

Death Lies Beneath (2012)

Undercurrent (2013)

Death Surge (2013)

Shroud of Evil (2014)

Fatal Catch (2016)

Lethal Waves (2017)

Art Marvik, a former Marine commando and Special Boat Services officer on the Isle of Wight:

Silent Running (2015)

Dangerous Cargo (2016)

Lost Voyage (2017)

Non-series “Marine mysteries”:

In Cold Daylight (2006)

In for the Kill (2007)

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