Priscilla Royal
Eleanor, Prioress of Tyndal, in 11th century East Anglia, England, in the Medieval mysteries:

Wine of Violence (2004) [review]

Tyrant of the Mind (2004)
Finalist 2005 Bruce Alexander Award

Sorrow Without End (2006)

Justice for the Damned (2007)

Forsaken Soul (2008)

Chambers of Death (2009)

Valley of Dry Bones (2010)

A Killing Season (2011)
Finalist 2012 Bruce Alexander Award

Sanctity of Hate (2012)

Covenant with Hell (2013)
Finalist 2014 Left Coast Crime Bruce Alexander Award

Satan’s Lullaby (2015)

Land of Shadows (2016)

The Proud Sinner (2017)
Finalist 2018 Lefty Award for Best Historical Mystery

Wild Justice (2018)


Favas Can Be Fatal (2006)