William Sanders
Randall Dane, a CIA agent:

Hardball (1992)

Aryan Legion (1992)

Skorpion (1992)

Taggart Roper, a freelance writer, living in a trailer with his dog, and moonlighting as a petty criminal, in Oklahoma:

The Next Victim (1993)

A Death on 66 (1994)

Blood Autumn (1995)


Steel Wings (1991)

Smoke (1994)

The Bernadette Operation (2000)

J. (2001)

Are We Having Fun Yet? (2002) [SS]

Is It Now Yet? (2005) [SS]

East of the Sun and West of Fort Smith (2008) [SS]

Other fiction, science fiction and fantasy:

Journey to Fusang (1988)

Steel Wings (1991)

The Wild Blue and the Gray (1991)

The Ballad of Bill Badass and the Rose of Turkestan (1999)

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