Tom Savage
Nora Baron, investigating the death of her husband, is caught up in international intrigues, in an ebook series:

Mrs. John Doe (2015)

The Women Who Knew Too Much (2017)

The Spy Who Never Was (2018)

The Devil and the Deep Blue Spy (2019)


Precipice (1995)

Valentine (1997)

The Inheritance (1998)

Scavenger (2000)

A Penny for the Hangman (2014) [ebook]

Jumbie Tea and Other Things: 8 Tales of Mystery and Suspense (2014) [SS]

Arden Court (2018) [ebook]

Written as T.J. Phillips
Joe Wilder, a playwright and novelist in New York City:

Dance of the Mongoose (1995)

Woman in the Dark (1997)

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