Jack S. Scott
Jonathan Escott
Alfred Stanley (Alf) Rosher, a crude yet caring detective sergeant (later inspector), in a small city in England:

The Poor Old Lady’s Dead (1976)

The Shallow Grave (1977)
Finalist 1979 Edgar Award for Best Mystery

A Clutch of Vipers (1979)

The Gospel Lamb (1980)

A Distant View of Death (1981)
APA: The View from Deacon Hill (1981)

An Uprush of Mayhem (1982)

The Local Lads (1982)

All the Pretty People (1983)

A Death in Irish Town (1984)

A Knife Between the Ribs (1986)

Peter Parsons, a chief inspector, in England:

A Time of Fine Weather (1984)

A Little Darling, Dead (1985)


A Better Class of Business (1976)
APA: The Bastard’s Name Was Bristow (1977)

A Walk in Dead Man’s Wood (1978)

Corporal Smithers, Deceased (1983)

Written as Jonathan Escott:

Landfall in Sefton Carey (1976)


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