Justin Scott
Ben Abbott, an ex-Wall Street financier turned realtor, in Newbury, Connecticut:

HardScape (1994)

Stone Dust (1995)

Frost Line1 (2003)

McMansion (2006)

Mausoleum (2007)


Many Happy Returns (1973)
Finalist 1974 Edgar Award for Best First Novel

Treasure for Treasure (1974)

The Turning (1978)

The Shipkiller (1978)

Normandie Triangle (1981)
APA: The Man Who Loved the Normandie (1982)

A Pride of Royals (1983)
APA: A Pride of Kings (1984)

Spy (1984)

The Auction2 (1985)

Rampage (1986)

The Cossack’s Bride (1988)
APA: The Widow of Desire (1989)

The Hong Kong Edge (1990)
APA: The Nine Dragons (1991)

The Empty Eye of the Sea (1993)

Written as J.S. Blazer
Donald Bracken and James Rowland Woodward VII, in New York City:

Deal Me Out (1973)

Lend a Hand (1975)