Randall Silvis
Edgar Allan Poe, an author in 1800s New York City:

Disquiet Heart (2001)

On Night’s Shore (2002)

Ryan DeMarco, a State Police sergeant, in northwestern Pennsylvania:

Two Days Gone (2017)

Walking the Bones (2018)


An Occasional Hell (1993)
Finalist 1993 Hammett Prize

Dead Man Falling (1996)

Doubly Dead (2004)

In a Town Called Mundomuerto (2007)

The Boy Who Shoots Crows (2011)

Blood & Ink (2015) [ebook]

Only the Rain (2018)

First the Thunder (2018)

Other fiction:

The Luckiest Man in the World (1984) [SS]

Excelsior (1988)

Under the Rainbow (1993)

Mysticus (1999)

Hangtime: A Confession (2009)