Frank A. Smith
Frank Allen Smith
Ian Pepper, a police superintendent in Toronto, Ontario, Canada:

Corpse in Handcuffs (1969)

Defectors Are Dead Men (1971)

Neil Paget, a crotchety DCI in Shropshire, England:

Fatal Flaw (1996)
Finalist 1996 Arthur Ellis Award for Best Novel

Stone Dead (1998)

Candles for the Dead (1999)

Thread of Evidence (2001)

Acts of Vengeance (2003)

Breaking Point (2008)

The Cold Hand of Malice (2009)

A Killing Resurrected (2010)

In the Shadow of Evil (2012)

Night Fall (2013)

Dead Weight (2016)


The Traitor Mask (1974)

Dragon’s Breath (1980)

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