Peter Stuart Smith
Written as James Barrington

Paul Richter, a British secret agent combating the forces of evil around the world:

Overkill (2004)

Pandemic (2005)

Foxbat (2007)

Timebomb (2008)

Payback (2010)

Manhunt (2011)

Insurrection (2017) [ebook]

Written as James Becker

Chris Bronson, a detective sergeant, later working undercover for the Metropolitan Police, based in London, England, in an historical conspiracy thriller series:

The First Apostle (2008)

The Moses Stone (2009)

The Messiah Secret (2010)

The Nosferatu Scroll (2011)

Echo of the Reich (2012)

The Templar Heresy (2017) [ebook]

The Lost Treasure of the Templars thriller trilogy:

The Lost Treasure of the Templars (2015)

The Templar Archive (2016)

The Templar Brotherhood (2017)

Written as Max Adams
Eddie Dawson WWII war adventure thrillers:

To Do Or Die (2010)

Right and Glory (2011)

Written as Jack Steel
Non-series thrillers:

The Titanic Secret (2012)

The Ripper Secret (2012)

Written as Tom Kasey
Non-series mysteries and horror:

Trade-off (2012) [ebook]

Sanctuary & Other Ghost Stories (2012) [ebook SS]

The Dante Conspiracy (2013) [ebook]

Cold Kill (2014)

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