Shelley Smith
Nancy Hermione Courlander Bodington
Jacob Chaos, a police inspector, in England:

Background for Murder (1942)

He Died of Murder! (1947)


Death Stalks a Lady (1945)

This Is the House (1945)

Come and Be Killed! (1946)

The Woman in the Sea (1948)

Man with a Calico Face (1951)

Man Alone (1952)
APA: Crooked Man (1952)

An Afternoon To Kill (1953)

The Party at No. 5 (1954)
APA: The Cellar at No. 5 (1954)

The Lord Have Mercy (1956)
APA: The Shrew Is Dead (1959)

Rachel Weeping: A Triptych (1957) [novellas]

The Ballad of the Running Man (1961)
Finalist 1963 Edgar Award for Best Mystery

A Grave Affair (1971)

A Game of Consequences (1978)