Wendy Corsi Staub
The Live To Tell trilogy, with recurring characters, set in rural New York:

Live To Tell (2010) [review]
Finalist 2011 Mary Higgins Clark Award

Scared to Death (2011)

Hell To Pay (2011)

The Nightwatcher trilogy set against the backdrop of the 9/11 attacks in New York City:

Nightwatcher (2012)

Sleepwalker (2012)
Finalist 2013 Mary Higgins Clark Award

Shadowkiller (2013)

Mundy’s Landing, a small town with a sinister secret, in the Hudson Valley of New York:

Blood Red (2015)

Blue Moon (2016)
Finalist 2017 Mary Higgins Clark Award

Bone White (2017)

Lily Dale, a lakeside town full of kooky psychics and mediums, in New York:

Nine Lives (2015)

Something Buried, Something Blue (2016)

Dead of Winter (2017)

Prose and Cons (2021)

The Stranger Vanishes (2022)


Dearly Beloved (1996)

Fade to Black (1998)

All the Way Home (1999)

The Last To Know (2001)

In the Blink of an Eye (2002)

She Loves Me Not (2003)

Kiss Her Goodbye (2004)

Lullaby and Goodnight (2005)

The Final Victim (2006)

Don’t Scream (2007)

Dying Breath (2008)

Dead Before Dark (2009)

The Good Sister (2013)

The Perfect Stranger (2014)

The Black Widow (2015)

The Other Family (2022)

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