Kate Sweeney
Kate Ryan, a middle-aged, accident prone, ex-private investigator, who later returns to Ryan, Costello, and Winfield Investigations, in Chicago, Illinois:

She Waits (2006)

A Nice Clean Murder (2005)

The Trouble with Murder (2008)

Who’ll Be Dead for Christmas (2009)

Of Course It’s Murder (2010)

What Happened in Malinmore (2011)

A Near Myth Murder (2012)

It’s Not Always Murder (2012)

Recalculated Murder (2013)

Dead in the Water (2015) [ebook]

Married to Mayhem (2015) [ebook]

It’s Murder, Dude (2017) [ebook]

Sebastian, a vampire who has wandered Europe for five centuries, and her lesbian lover, Dr. Alex Taylor, in the Dawn romantic thriller series:

Away from the Dawn (2007)

Survive the Dawn (2009)

Before the Dawn (2011)

Grayson MacCarthaigh, a detective sergeant, in Chicago, Illinois:

Residual Moon (2008)

Liar’s Moon (2010)

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