Sheri S. Tepper
Written as B.J. Oliphant
Shirley McClintock, a 50-something rancher, in southern Colorado, later in northern New Mexico:

Dead in the Scrub (1990)
Finalist 1991 Edgar Award for Best Paperback
Finalist 1991 Anthony Award for Best Paperback

The Unexpected Corpse (1990)

Deservedly Dead (1992)

Death and the Delinquent (1992)

Death Served Up Cold (1994)

A Ceremonial Death (1996)

Here’s to the Newly Dead (1997)

Written as A.J. Orde
Jason Lynx, an antiques dealer and interior decorator, in Denver, Colorado:

A Little Neighborhood Murder (1989)

Death and the Dogwalker (1990)

Death for Old Times’ Sake (1992)

Looking for the Aardvark (1993)
APA: Dead on Sunday (1993)

A Long Time Dead (1995)

A Death of Innocents (1996)

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