Louise Voss & Mark Edwards
Kate Maddox, a former worker at a biological research center in the US, now on the run with her son, in England and the US:

Catch Your Death (2011)

All Fall Down (2012)

Patrick Lennon, a detective inspector, in London, England:

From the Cradle (2014)

The Blissfully Dead (2015)


Killing Cupid (2011)

Forward Slash (2013)

Non-series by Mark Edwards:

Kissing Games (2012) [ebook novella]

The Magpies (2013)

What You Wish For (2014)

Because She Loves Me (2014)

Follow You Home (2015)

The Devil’s Work (2016)

The Lucky Ones (2017)

The Retreat (2018)

In Her Shadow (2018)

Non-series by Louise Voss:

The Venus Trap (2015)

The Old You (2018)

Other fiction by Louise Voss:

To Be Someone (2001)

Are You My Mother? (2002)

Lifesaver (2004)

The Games People Play (2005)

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