Martin Walker
Benoît “Bruno” Courrèges, Chief of Police, in St. Denis in the Périgord region of southwestern France:

Bruno, Chief of Police (2008) [review]
Finalist 2009 Barry Award for Best British Crime Novel

The Dark Vineyard (2009)

Black Diamond (2010)

The Crowded Grave (2011)

The Devil’s Cave (2012)

The Resistance Man (2013)

Children of War (2014)
APA: The Children Return (2015)

The Dying Season (2015)
APA: The Patriarch (2015)

Fatal Pursuit (2016)

The Templars’ Last Secret (2017)

A Taste for Vengeance (2018)

A Body in the Castle Well (2019)

A Shooting at Château Rock (2020)

The Coldest Case (2021)

Bruno’s Challenge and Other Stories of the French Countryside (2022) [SS]

To Kill a Troubadour (2022)


The Infiltrator (1978)

A Mercenary Calling (1980)

The Money Soldiers (1980)

The Caves of Perigord (2002)

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