Heather Webber
Nina Quinn, the owner of Taken By Surprise, a landscaping firm specializing in surprise garden makeovers, in Ohio:

A Hoe Lot of Trouble (2004)

Trouble in Spades (2005)
Finalist 2005 Agatha Award for Best Novel

Digging Up Trouble (2006)

Trouble in Bloom (2007)

Weeding Out Trouble (2008)

Trouble Under the Tree (2011) [ebook]

The Root of All Trouble (2013)

Lucy Valentine, the black sheep of a psychic matchmaking family, now running the family business, Valentine, Inc., in Boston, Massachusetts:

Truly, Madly (2010) [review]
Finalist 2010 Agatha Award for Best Novel

Deeply, Desperately (2010)

Absolutely, Positively (2011)

Perfectly Matched (2012)

Undeniably Yours (2014)

Written as Heather Blake

Darcy Merriweather, from a long line of witches who can cast spells by making a wish, in the Enchanted Village section of Salem, Massachusetts, in the Wishcraft mysteries:

It Takes a Witch (2012)

A Witch Before Dying (2012)

The Good, the Bad and the Witchy (2013)

The Goodbye Witch (2014)

Some Like It Witchy (2015)

Gone With the Witch (2016)

The Witch and the Dead (2016)

To Catch a Witch (2018)

A Witch to Remember (2019)

Carly Bell Hartwell, owner of Little Shop of Potions in Hitching Post, Alabama, in the Magic Potion mysteries:

A Potion to Die For (2013)

One Potion in the Grave (2014)

Ghost of a Potion (2015)

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