Dan Wells
John Wayne Cleaver, a teenager obsessed with serial killers and trying to avoid becoming one, in Clayton County, North Dakota:

I Am Not a Serial Killer (2009)

Mr. Monster (2010)

I Don’t Want To Kill You (2011)

The Devil’s Only Friend (2015)

Over Your Dead Body (2016)

Nothing Left To Lose (2017)

Other fiction, the Partials horror-fantasy series:

Isolation (2012) [prequel novella ebook]

Partials (2012)

Fragments (2013)

Ruins (2014)

Non-series horror:

The Hollow City (2012)

Extreme Makeover (2016)

The Mirador YA fantasy series:

Bluescreen (2016)

Ones and Zeroes (2017)

Active Memory (2018)

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